Released: Veeam Backup & Replication 8.0 patch 1


Yesterday Veeam released the first patch of their backup software, Veeam Backup and Replication. This build number is


Make attention:

Prior to installing this patch please reboot the Veeam server to clear any locks on the Veeam services and when the reboot is done, please stop all the Veeam services and apply the patch. 

After installing the patch, please start the Veeam services, open the console and allow Veeam B&R to update its components.

Below you can find the list of the New Features:

Retention policy for replication jobs is now processed concurrently for multiple VMs in the job, as opposed to one by one, reducing the overall job run time.
Added email notification about File to Tape and Backup to Tape jobs waiting for user interaction (for example, when a tape medium needs to be inserted by the user)
VMware Tools quiescence should now log an informational event when VMware Tools are outdated, as opposed to a warning event.
Independent virtual disks which are explicitly excluded from processing in the job settings should no longer log a warning during the first time when the given VM is being backed up.
Virtual Lab proxy appliance was upgraded to virtual hardware version 7 to allow for it to manage more networks out of box.
Jobs should no longer appear to “hang doing nothing” in some circumstances, with the duration not ticking for any event in the job log.

Cloud Connect
Cloud backup repository size limit of 63TB has been removed

Linux support enhancements
Added support for file level recovery from XFS volumes (default file system in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS distributions starting from version 7.0)
Added support for file level recovery from Btfrs volumes (default file system in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server starting from version 12.0).
Added support for file level recovery from VMs with more than 10 LVMs.
Improved Linux guest file system indexing performance for incremental backup job runs.
FTP access mode of the file level recovery helper appliance now also displays friendly LVM volume names introduced in v8.
To enable identity verification of the remote server, SSH key fingerprint is now displayed to a user when registering the new Linux server. Accepted SSH keys are stored in the configuration database to protect from MITM attack.

Performance enhancements
Added experimental support for direct data movers communication when both are running on the same server (for example, when backing up to a local storage on backup proxy server). If your local backup jobs report Network as the bottleneck, and you see high load on some backup proxy server NICs when the data was supposed to stay local to the server, you are likely to benefit from this behavior modifier. To enable alternative data exchange path, create the DataMoverLocalFastPath (DWORD) registry value under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam Backup and Replication, and set it to the following values:
0: Default behavior (no optimizations)
1: Data exchange through TCP socket on the loopback interface (faster)
2: Data exchange through shared memory (fastest)

EMC Data Domain integration
Synthetic full backup creation and transformation performance has been improved significantly.

HP 3PAR StoreServ integration
Remote Copy snapshots are now automatically excluded from rescan, both speeding up the rescan process and reducing storage load.

NetApp integration
Added support for NetApp Data ONTAP 8.3.
Added support for HA Pair 7-mode configuration.
Added support for vFiler DR configuration.

Here is the link to the download and the full list of resolved issues.