Finally Eradicate Broken Snapshots with the “Snapwatcher” Beta by opvizor

You can finally say goodbye to those sneaky broken and invalid snapshots hiding in your VMware vSphere environments. Austrian-American company opvizor has just launched a free product to help VMware administrators detect broken snapshots lurking in their virtual environments. The product is called “Snapwatcher” and will be released as a free beta to the public on Feb 25th 2015.


Snapshots are almost a prerequisite in virtualization, as they give virtual machine administrators the ability to return to previous stages if problems occur inside virtual environments. Unfortunately these same snapshots can quickly hog your disk space if you don’t regularly monitor and manage your virtual environment. Many invalid snapshots occur automatically when backup solutions trigger snapshot creation and deletion; whenever VMware struggles to delete a snapshot, an invalid snapshot is born. Broken snapshots can grow like wildfire if you’re not keeping track of them, and quickly balloon to consume most of your free disk space.

opvizor created Snapwatcher because they noticed that they were detecting hundreds of TBs of broken or invalid snapshots in their customers’ virtual environments. The problem with these snapshots are that a single Snapshot’s Delta-file is able to grow to the same size of the original file. Broken snapshots are a common problem and affect 81% of all VMware vSphere environments. If left undetected, they can easily amass and cause space shortages in datastores.

opvizor didn’t want their customers or the public to continue to battle and constantly hunt for broken snapshots on a neverending basis. What opvizor wanted was an easy way to empower VMware administrators to manage and regularly delete snapshots daily before they got out of control. They created Snapwatcher in hopes of helping anyone discovering and removing ugly and hard-to-find broken snapshots.

We love Snapwatcher because with a single click, anyone can find and fix old, broken or invalid snapshots. Through system wide monitoring of the VMware vCenter systems, Snapwatcher monitors all VMware snapshots and sends progress reports to notify you of how many space it was able to free by repairing or removing the snapshots.

You can download and try Snapwatcher here on the opvizor website by clicking “Try Snapwatcher by opvizor.

About opvizor:

opvizor is SaaS company specializes in solutions for virtualization and cloud computing. They help businesses automate and manage their virtual IT infrastructures within heterogeneous data processing centers, as well as solutions for the prevention of errors and failures.

  • Dennis Zimmer

    Thanks Francesco for your coverage of our Snapwatcher product. There is a promotion currently ongoing that should be worth checking out: