How to upgrade BIOS on Hp ProLiant servers running ESXi 5.x – The simple way

With this mini how to guide I want to show you how simple is the upgrading process of  the  System RomBIOS on Hp ProLiant servers running ESXi 5.x.
No PSP boot dvd or HPSUM are involved here. This is the “online method”.
First of all we need to download the new Online ROM Flash Component package. Go to > search for your ProLiant model > select your vSphere/ESXi version > go to BIOS – System ROM section.
Click on the Download button.

Schermata 2014-09-23 alle 15.45.26

Once you’ve completed the download of the Online ROM Flash Component, follow the instructions below:

  • Place the Smart Component in a temporary directory. (I used the local Datastore)
  • Enable SSH on the ESXi host.
  • Login as root. (You must be root in order to apply the ROM update.)
  • Go to the temporary directory and make the file executable. For example: chmod +x ./CPXXXXXX.scexe
  • From the same directory, execute the Smart Component. For example: ./CPXXXXXX.scexe
  • Follow the directions given by the Smart Component.
  • If required, reboot your system for the update to take effect immediately.
bios online update

Example on ProLiant BL460 G8

Remember that with this method you can also upgrade the Smart Array Controllers firmware.

  • Davoud Teimouri

    Hi Francesco,
    This is very useful post. We have a large environment wit HP servers an it can help us to keep ROM update with shorter downtime.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Dan Robinson

    This is basically what SUM and the Insight Control/OneView plugin for vCenter are effectively doing for you.
    SUM is free
    The plugin requires either an Insight Control license or OneView license.
    Both are meant to make this process even easier than the manual one being demo’d here.

    And its not just BIOS and Smart Array.
    There are ESXi compatible HP SmartComponents for almost all firmware options in the system except a few FC HBAs and some models of CNA cards.

  • http://na Gomez

    I have an HP Proliant DL380 G6 and nested ESXI. I am a beginner. Where exactly do i download the scexe file? on my windows desktop running vsphere client or windows server VM?

    I need to update one of my drive firmware

    • Francesco

      Hi Gomez, you need to download the .scexe file on your pc.
      Then copy the file in the ESXi datastore. Make a new /Temp folder.
      Access the console via SSH and execute the .scexe