PernixData Announces General Availability of FVP 3.0

PernixLogoYesterday PernixData has announced the general availability of FVP software version 3.0. The key features in this release include:

Support for vSphere 6.0
FVP 3.0 introduces support for vSphere 6.0. Maintain your world class performance as you transition over to vSphere 6.0. FVP 3.0 also supports mixed environments of vCenter 6.0 with hosts running ESXi 5.1 or newer as you phase in vSphere 6.0 across your data center. With the support of vSphere 6.0, FVP 3.0 will no longer be supporting vSphere 5.0.

New HTML5 based User Interface
FVP 3.0 offers a completely new user experience. Administer FVP using a modern, fast, and flexible interface with a web browser while moving past the inherent limitations of the vSphere Web Client. This new interface can be used on its own, or easily launched from the vSphere Web Client. FVP is known for its elegant presentation of performance metrics and version 3.0 improves on this experience even more with enhancements to the performance data presented.

Performance Improvements
Delivering Performance to your VMs and applications using a decoupled architecture is what FVP does best. FVP 3.0 brings new performance optimizations to ensure the best possible performance under a variety of environments and workloads.

PernixPlus Support
Providing the best possible customer experience is a key tenet for PernixData. FVP 3.0 introduces PernixPlus to enhance this experience even further. PernixPlus periodically collects fully anonymous metadata about your PernixData environment in order to allow us to proactively identify issues, assist with support cases, and possibly provide insights about your data center as well as other data centers around the world.

Redesigned License Activation
The license activation process has been streamlined to offer greater simplicity and ease of use. Activate and manage all of your licensing online, through the new PernixData UI.